i) Classes are to be attended regularly and punctually.

ii) Silence is to be observed in and outside the classroom.

iii) While entering a class a student must take permission of the teacher in the class. Astudent may go out on an urgent call taking prior permission from the teacher.

iv) Loitering in the college corridors and outside the college, use of mobile phone within the college campus is strictly prohibited.

v) Electrical switches, Laboratory Equipments, Library Books and all other College properties are to be handled carefully and cautiously to avoid any damage or loss.

vi) Students should carefully observe the college notice board displaying circulars. They should also pay attention to the notifications circulated in the class.

vii) Any gross misconduct on the part of the student will lead to punishment.

viii) Ragging in any form either in the hostel or in the college is strictly prohibited. Any student found guilty of ragging will face disciplinary action and may be expelled.

ix) Once enrolled for the Part-I Examination a student must complete her course of study in three consecutive academic years.

N.B. : All the above rules and regulations are subject to modification or changes by authorities if and when necessary.